Hi, I am Wookyung Jeong, a college student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering in South Korea. I am interested in Competitive Programming and Machine Learning.


  • Jeonbuk National University (Mar 2019 - Present)
    • Undergraduate Student
    • Major: B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering
    • Minor: B.S. in Mathematics


Honors & Awards


  • RustGrad (Feb 2024 - Present)
    • Developing a small deep learning framework from scratch using Rust.
    • Currently, it is an unoptimized implementation that only works with datasets of the MNIST scale, but I am working to develop it into a practical and useful framework.
  • CP Reference Codes (Jun 2020 - Present)
    • Built a programming library with documentation for competitive programming contests.
    • Researched cost-efficient and concise implementations of data structures and algorithms, including disjoint set union, segment tree, and centroid decomposition, and implemented them in C++.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Union of Clubs for Programming Contests (Mar 2023 - Present)
    • Vice President
    • Served as the Vice President at UCPC, a union of 34 clubs from 33 universities in Korea.
    • Main organizer of Good Bye, BOJ 2023! / Hello, BOJ 2024!, a Korean year-end / new year programming competition. Primarily responsible for sponsor contact and coordination: Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Mobis, Moloco, Jane Street, etc.
    • Organizer of UCPC 2023, a Korean programming competition with 660+ participants. Organized onsite contest with about 150 participants.
  • 2023 ALPS Study (Jan 2023 - Jun 2023)
    • Administrator, Lecturer
    • Operated Basic, Intermediate, Exercise, Advanced algorithm study at ALPS, an algorithm study club at Jeonbuk National Univ.
    • Lectured at Advanced algorithm study.
  • UCPC 2022 (May 2022 - Jul 2022)
    • Problem Setter
    • Made Problem B in the first round, collaboratively made Problem L in the final round.